Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Time to Talk About Taboo Money Topics with Your Kids

C4WD2P USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Mother giving money to teenage daughter (14-15). Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.  stan Alamy While a recent survey by Citi (C) shows that nine out of 10 parents teach their kids about money and 59 percent say they talk to their kids about personal finance, there are still a few financial topics that parents prefer not to discuss. "Our survey findings showed that most parents have begun discussing finances with their children before age 13, and nearly half of respondents said that sensitive financial topics are not off-limits for conversations with their children," says Linda Descano, a personal finance expert with Citi. "However, the topics that most respondents found off-limits were 'the amount of money I make' (with 28 percent believing this was off-limits), 'the amount of savings we have' (27 percent) and 'the amount of debt we have' (26 percent)."

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